Friday, 23 January 2015


Your colon , also known as your large intestine, plays an essential role in your health.

Usually only the liver and the kidney is focused on as the organs responsible for removing waste products. However large intestine plays a significant role as well.
Most medical practitioners says that having a healthy colon could be viewed as having a healthy body.
Assuring your bowel is in good condition , many of your common illnesses and ailments might disappear.

The function of the large intestine is not only to remove the physical waste but it is also used for removing chemical wastes. It also includes the chemical toxins or preservatives coming from the food.

So, how can you achieve a healthy colon?

Its simple ! 
A regular colon cleanse and a good nutrition might be the only answer

Now a days there are many techniques which helps to cleanse our colon .
One of them is Colon Hydrotherapy 
Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle internal bath which allows warm filtered water into the colon through a small device called a speculum. The speculum makes it possible to simultaneously bring clean water into the colon and allow waste through rectum naturally. The colon is alternatively filled with water and realed for loose debris to be allowed to flow out . This process is carried out throughtout the treatment , which lasts from 30-35mins. The result is a gentle flushing of the colon and loosening of old faecal debris.

Colonic irrigation effectively cleanse years of excess waste, pollutants and toxic substances. This process can also help rebalance the bowel flora by facilitating re-population of the stock of friendly bacteria.

Hygienic and odourless, the therapy is carried out in private and relaxing environment.                  

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