Tuesday, 27 January 2015


 So let me introduce to you – your very own Super Hero – PROBIOTICS.
Probiotics are widely known as dietary supplements. They contain bacteria which benefits your digestive system .
Yes ! bacteria can be useful..They are called as the good bacteria / friendly bacteria.

Probiotics can occur naturally in the gut flora which is very useful for the regular functioning of the stomach and your intestine.
Doctors and dietitians commonly recommend these friendly bacteria for you, if you were under any antibiotic course which has set your stomach bacteria out of control.
Whenever you consume alcohol or your body is under stress or any disease condition then the bacteria in your body comes down and it usually aggravate your health. These probiotics helps in bringing back the bacterial balance in your body and makes your immune system strong .
The job of our super heros is not finished yet .
They also help in the management of
Ø Lactose intolerance
Ø Helps in protecting you from Colon cancer
Ø Lowers serum cholesterol levels
Ø Helps in absorbtion of vitamins and minerals

So, to keep these Super Hero activated , we have to take better care of them. Proper dosage of probiotics is must, either from natural foods or supplements .

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