Tuesday, 3 February 2015


At certain time in our life we gain weight, either during holidays or as we get older or due to wrong  lifestyle.

However if there is certain increase in your weight and it is not due to the party dinner last night then you might be constipated.
With the increase in the poor quality of the food, our body is taking longer periods of time to break it because of the number of the additives present in the food.

In older people it is normal to see with low metabolic rate. If the weight gain is because your body not able to break down the food and release its weight then its time for Colon Cleanse.

 The human body is designed in such a way that if intestine is packed with unprocessed foods,  it slows down the body’s function. That’s why many people often complain of bloating and feeling sluggish and tired.

A colon cleanse is the ideal solution for the people who think their weight gain is due to the waste material blocked in the intestine
Agood colon cleaning method usually flush out all the toxins, impurities and waste material that was causing that bloated feeling.

Many of you still think that the weight gain is not due to the constipation. This is because we have a concept in our minds that intestines are very small.

So, let me clear that intestines can hold upto 10 pounds of the waste material.
Ever thought about it ??

Therefore weight gain due to constipation is possible because of the capacity of intestines to hold.

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