Sunday, 17 May 2015


If you are suffering from any discomfort ,gas ,bloating, indigestion, then there are some foods which will give you are good effect and there are also some foods which can worsen the condition.
Be calm on your gut and make best food choices .
Many people complain of gas problem and acidity , either from the last night's party or because of late breakfast .
Stomach is your body part, so make sure you dont torture your stomach with bad choices in your meal .
Make sure you are not allergic to any food when you consume it,.
Following is the list of few foods which can go easy on your Gut ,

Good Foods:
1.Yogurt - contains trillions of helpful bacteria which can solve all type of indigestion problems.

2.Lean meat and fish - if your are eating non veg , better to go with lean meat and fish which can go down lot easier that juicy steak.

3.Whole grains.- rich in fiber ,good for your digestion.

4.Bananas- It helps in normal bowel function especially if you re having diarrhoea.

5.Ginger- This spice has been used for thousands of years for treating nausea, morning sickness, bloating, gas and colic

6.Kimchi: fermented korean dish made with cabbage - excellent dish for your gut.

Bad Foods:

Here goes a long list of bad foods which can worsen your condition and have a direct effect on the digestion.
1. High fat and fried foods
2.Chilly pepper.
3.Dairy products - because of lactose, esply in lactose intolerance people.
4.Processed foods
5.Artificial sweetners.

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