Monday, 31 August 2015


Obesity is one of those words you keep hearing all the time. Despite of that, we tend to ignore the problem which may further result in major health problems. Being over-weight is a self-destructive process. We live in a super-fast era where we find short cuts for everything in our life.
We have lost the art of eating. With eating it actually means eating healthy. A recent study shows that India is the 3rd obese country after USA and China.Obesity ruins our life both outside as well as spoils our body from the inside. In our so-called modern life, we find it easier to grab a burger than to eat a home cooked meal.

Burgers,pizzas, fries, chocolates, chips and not to forget our soft drinks have become our best friends. It is because of our bad eating habits, we get afflicted with diseases at an early age. Technology has made everything so easy for us that we have forgotten what exercise is. We use elevators instead of stairs. We can pop our food in the microwave instead of standing for hours in the kitchen. Kids sit in-front of the computers and TV’s playing video games. So the lack of exercise results in being overweight.

Over the years researches have shown that obesity and the diseases affecting our body are due to genetics also. Obesity runs in families. If you have overweight relatives, you might be at risk too.Heart diseases, diabetes,hypertension,cancer,high cholesterol, stroke, sleep apnea, arthritis are diseases that don’t come overnight. The main culprit of all these life threatening and deadly disease-sis obesity.

So we need to protect ourselves from the devil that slowly kills us. In order to fix this problem we need to change our relationship with the food we eat, our life style. Eat well to live well and to look young. Bad eating habits,exercise, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption not only make you overweight but also speed up the aging process. So by maintaining and improving it, we can look healthy, young from both inside and outside!!

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