Monday, 28 September 2015

                                               5 Tips for weight loss

Controlling Hunger

At the root of weight loss lies hunger. Hence the first tip is all about controlling hunger so that hunger controls you.
If your diet consists of natural food, you will have a satisfied meal. If you have a lot of processed food, you will always feel hungry because you will never be really satisfied. Natural food helps in improvement of digestion as well. Lot of fine carbohydrates and sugar will also not contribute to satisfaction and always will keep you hunger. If you can really be satisfied of your meal and feel full, that’s the first step towards losing weight

What Drinks do you really need?

The calories which we drink are perhaps the most serious calories we consume. We generally don’t associate weight gain to sugary drinks like what we do in the case of Chocolates and fast food. But the reality, the every gulp you take of heavy sugary carbonated drinks, the effect you can feel on your thighs. Sugary drinks do turn into fats and do cause weight gain. By cutting down sugary drinks from your diet, you will be cutting down huge amounts of calories that you can never even imagine. If you can replace these sugary drinks with healthier beverages like coconut water, you will contribute a lot to your own weightloss. Other healthier beverages would be Green Tea, fruit flavored water
Diet Coke! Is really diet friendly?

The names you see on the drinks and various food products like, ‘Diet’, ‘Lite’, ‘Healthy’ are purely for marketing purpose. One needs to be smart enough to read the ingredients. When you read those ingredients and still want to continue consuming, you are almost dumping Toxic sludge into your body. These products are likely to have artificial sweeteners which might cause metabolic imbalance and it will not help you lose weight.

Eat Fats

Over a few decades the focus is on ‘Fat Free food’, ‘Skimmed Milk’ and everybody talked about how fats cause problems, heart diseases etc. But people have slowly started realizing that it is actually carbohydrates and sugars which cause obesity and leading to heart disease.  Fats are important for the body metabolism, health of our brain and for heart functioning. In fact fats will make us full and satisfied and doesn’t cause frequent hunger. Its really strange but healthy fats will actually help in weight loss.

Does Starvation help?

If you think starving for a day will help you exhaust calories you have in your body and in turn help you reducing weight, then it’s a myth you need to stop. May be initially you will lose weight but it is definitely not a sustainable way for weight loss. The body will hold onto every possible weight because of the stress it undergoes because of starvation. In pursuit to lose weight, you will hurt your body and create a stress full situation and will not help you losing weight. Instead of focusing on losing calories, one needs to look into what calories to take. The right food with right nutrients will help you getting satisfied with your hunger and add healthy calories which actually will not cause weight gain.

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