Monday, 12 October 2015

Treatment for abdominal gas/ flatulence (Farting)

Passing gas from the digestive system is referred as flatulence also called farting. There are mainly four reasons for the formation of gas in the digestive system.
The commonest reason for gas in the digestive system is swallowing air during eating or drinking leading to bloating. Sucking on hard sweets or popsicles, drinking carbonated drinks, chewing gums, gulping in food or eating too quickly are the reasons for swallowing air. The oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide in the swallowed air is absorbed, utilized and exhaled respectively. The nitrogen that cannot be absorbed by the body is passed down the digestive tract.  
The second commonest reason is untimely food or irregular food habits which disturbs the circadian rhythms leading to high acid production which in turn lands you into excessive flatulence or bloating.
The third reason in addition to such irregularities is certain foods like lentils, cruciferous vegetables etc. aggravate bloating because of the accumulation of digestive gases such as hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. Sweeteners like sorbitol and fructose increases the bloating.
Last but important reason for bloating and flatulence is certain Health conditions  that adds up to the existing bloating problem such as constipation, gastroenteritis, food (lactose) intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease. In most of the above condition the underlying cause is colonization of the GI tract by pathogenic bacteria that produce gas.
Certain medications also add to this condition.
The only long lasting solutions to this flatulence or farting is the COLON HYDROTHERAPY. The cleanse of the colon with a controlled pressure and temperature of water removes most of the accumulated hardened stools, toxic gases and harmful bacteria.
Improved digestive system:
Undigested waste, hardened stool are eliminated from the system. This waste serves a breeding ground for the bacteria producing toxic gases and may lead to illness. These gases are eliminated with the colon hydrotherapy improving the colon health.
Prevents constipation:
The colon hydrotherapy improves gut peristalsis which initiates the bowel movement. This prevention of constipation will minimize the problem of abdominal gas or bloating.
Increased nutrient absorption:
The colon hydrotherapy is a procedure where in the colon is carefully flushed to the deepest folding of the intestines causing the waste removal.

Ultimately the colon hydrotherapy gets us rid of all the unwanted waste and toxic gases from the colon leading to lighter feeling and overall health improvement.

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