Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Stress Affects Your Metabolism

Stress Affects Your Metabolism

Does Stress lead to weight gain and weight loss? Does it active the stimulation of epinephrine and cortisol release? To answer all the above questions, yes Stress does affect the metabolism to a significant effect but has an adversely diverse reaction from people to people. 

In healthy individuals, mental stress could lead to increased heart rate, but at the same accord, also decrease the vascular resistance in skeleton muscle leading to weakness, increase in blood pressure and other serious problems over time. Furthermore, the blood pressure increase could also lead to the development of vascular complications. The digestive system is also affected to a great extent by stress but, one of the solutions to that problem is Shudh Colon Care. Colon Care is a hydro-therapy that helps us cleanse the body and eliminate all the waste from the body. 

Stress releases two hormones known as cortisol and insulin that reacts to the body making it store fats or not build muscle. Therefore, stress can cause anorexia or obesity based on the adverse effects it has on people. In that case, Colon Therapy is the solution to remove the problems caused by stressed and can drain out the imbalanced release of cortisol and insulin in your body. 

Stress is not subjectively considered harmful to the body but could channel and enhance a series of health issues. The energy balance we have in our body could also be altered by stress causing an imbalance of energy in the body. As people, we are bond to be stressed as some point of time but keeping in mind, the problems it can lead to, we should try our best to not stress our mind mentally and our body physically.

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