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In many ways, the modern lifestyle that a high percentage of society leads today can severely damage our health. We work more, play less and tend to live life in the fast lane. This leads to all kinds of mental illnesses, such as stress and depression, but it also leads to ailments that do not seem serious but can lead to complications a little further down the line. One of those ailments is constipation.
colon or large intestine, is one of the body’s major organs of waste removal (in addition to the lungs, skin kidney and liver) and it’s the  most populated organ of the body which habitats 100 trillion friendly bacteria
The colon is also the third most common site for cancer and colon cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death.
A clean, healthy colon efficiently eliminates toxins – This is where the health begins in colon………..


The Modern Diet
Today, people tend to eat on the run, meaning that they barely take the time to eat their food let alone digest it. This can cause a lot of problems, from nausea to indigestion, but it rarely causes constipation. Instead, the foods that we eat do that.  Below, you will find some examples of foods that cause constipation so you know what to avoid and how to prevent this digestive problem via your diet.

Junk Foods And Constipation

Many of the foods that cause constipation are those known as junk foods today. They are called this because they literally fill your digestive system with junk, a good percentage of which is retained in the colon thus forming hard faeces that are extremely difficult to pass. This is what causes constipation in the first place. Those foods are high in fat and sugar and are of little nutritional value. The problem is that those foods are easy to prepare or to buy so they fit in well with the modern lifestyle.

Foods To Avoid

 Processed foods are top of the list. This includes bread, ready meals, pizza, burgers and processed meats. Dairy products and eggs are also foods that cause constipation if they are consumed in excess so as long as you limit your consumption to a reasonable level then you can avoid it. Pastries, cakes, pies and confectionary should also be limited  because they tend to contain refined sugars and so can also cause this condition.  

Foods to Include

·  Eat foods high in fibre, like vegetables,fruits,beans,nuts and whole grains, flax seeds and oats ,which sweeps debris from the colon.
·  Chlorophyll found in green foods such as wheatgrass, barley grass, and blue-green algae cleanses and heals the digestive tract.
· Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir , replenish the friendly bacteria needed for a healthy colon.
·         Drink lots of pure water.

Solving The Problem

Although avoiding foods that cause constipation and eating a lot of fiber is a great start for your body, it may still be necessary to take colon cleansers / Colon Hydrotherapy once in a while. Colon Hydrotherapy  will flush out your system and remove any waste that is left behind. By flushing out all of the waste products, impurities and toxins, you will feel in better health in no time at all. As such, Colon Hydrotherapy  can be just the boost you need to maintain good health and avoid constipation.

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