Sunday, 17 May 2015


I know it really pisses you off when you have to wake up early to go for a walk, but trust me if you can keep aside your sleep and laziness, your brain and body will thank you ! 

Go on , read the benefits of morning walks

1. Heart Healthy benefits:

Regular morning walk has super benefits on your heart. It lowers the LDL cholesterol which is a bad cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol and protects you heart .

2.Muscular strength: 
It increases the muscle strength by keeping the muscles on regular use. The muscles which benefits the most are calves, hamstrings, glutens, etc. It tones up your muscles and keeps it in shape . It also increases your muscle endurance. That's why people who walk regularly they have more endurance and strength to people who don't walk .
You can tone up your tummy, your bums and arms as-well . 

3. It keeps weight in check 

If you are overweight and obese, a morning walk will be beneficial. A regular morning walk will burn calories as well as it helps in improving metabolism which are both helpful in losing weight .

4. Brain Power : 

A regular morning walk will also improves your brain activity. Walking improves the blood circulation which mean a larger amount of oxygen reaches your brain which can make it active through out the day . A regular morning walking can treat dementia .

5. Prevents osteoporosis, too 
Morning walking will stimulate and strength the bones . keeps the joints health especially for women. 
6. Reduces stress:
As mention above a morning walk will benefit your body as well as your brain., so if the brain is active it controls the stress hormones and your you will feel better.
7. Better sleep :
when you exercise regularly , the brain and body is automatically healthy. The brain maintains a clock , when you get up early you tend to sleep early with a better sleep
8. It boosts your vitamin D levels
Vitamin D which is hard to get it from the food, can be easily obtained from a regular morning walking. In UK the people are less prone to sunlight so the levels of Vitamin D is low in them .  A regular exposer to sun without sun burn can fill your vitamin D levels which is an important factor in bone health and immunity
9. Diabetes and Hypertension:
Exercise burn glucose, burning of glucose results in more utilisation of insulin. This in turn improves blood sugar levels and help diabetes. Morning walking also have a suppressing effect on hypertension. 
10. It makes you happy:
Regular morning walking will realese endorphins , which acts like an anti depressants and when your body is healthy it make you happy !!

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